Wellness for Mother Earth . . . And All Her Children

Energetic Wholeness 


I dedicate this blog to the Great Spirit — the Source of All-That-Is — and to the focus of energetic healing which has been carried on for countless millenia by all servants of the Creator.








My intention is to participate practically and contribute to the healing of our Mother Earth and her precious children who suffer out of balance.

Whenever you might desire information concerning a specific problem here are some good links.  CLICK HERE

Jesus once said, “you shall lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover.”

My own life experiences prove to me beyond any doubt that this is true — and within the potential of all human beings. We already have the built-in “hardware.” We are already genetically wired for energetic healing. Now, it is up to us to download the specific necessary software through a strong and fervent desire to align ourselves with the Universal Purpose which is to uplift all life.

Energetic healing is a transdimensional phenomena in which no energy at all actually travels across space and time from the energetic healer to the patient. Because of this — healing at a distance is possible. All energy which produces healing is a non-local phenomena where conditions are arrived at through the focus of very strong intent. The energy to rearrange physical structure comes from the Source-Field energy matrix which is transduced downward through all energetic planes of manifestation (frequencies). A “vacuum sink” occurs in the patients bioform.

This vacuum sink is facilitated and induced by a number of different methods including ritual and resonating sound — but — the resonance of strong emotional intent is the driving engine.

When I remote view Kadara, I am on the planet Arcturus with the Master. This world is the prototype for the new earth which is being birthed right now. The knowledge and information cumulus which is encountered has to do with wellness for Planet Earth and all her children.

As I continue to decode and decipher this information cloud, perhaps I can share whatever I learn with whoever may be interested — and those discoveries can be confirmed and expanded through practical experiment.


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The Truth About Circumcision

The article I am now presenting is one of the most difficult you will ever read because it touches an idolatrous SACRED COW that has effected vast numbers of males throughout the world under the guise of being a “spiritual covenant” with Almighty God.  

This is an abominable LIE.  A sickening and brutal HOAX has been long perpetrated. The time has come for the hidden veil to be removed forever.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Creator of All – That – Is.   In fact, circumcision is tyrant designed trauma based mind-control which produces human slaves who live in constant torment and accept it because of the TABOOS and LIES which have infused the scripted legends about it — a tool for Tyranny.

Consider this article and contemplate it.  Read the vast and wide-spread evidence found in the many links.  

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We Are Energy Processors — Learn How

All is energy.

Through our conscious intention we can learn to direct and facilitate the most effective nourishment for healing — and at the same time create blissful upliftment to our entire being.

It is a matter of our mindful participation in what we have often assumed to be automatic subconscious processes.

This short video contains a very simple — powerful — and revolutionary teaching.

Discover Quigong

Gregg Bradon’s Healing Epiphany


Gregg Braden tells of an experiment that hints at the nature of reality. In this experiment, human DNA was placed in 28 vials. One vial was given to each of 28 researchers. Each researcher had been trained in how to generate and experience deep feelings and each had strong emotions.

The experiment revealed that the DNA changed according to the feelings of the researchers. When the researchers experienced gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing. The strands unwound and the length of the DNA increased.

When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by constricting. It shortened and many of its codes were switched off! If you’ve ever felt shut down emotionally by negative emotions, now you know why your body was equally shut down. When the researchers felt love, joy and appreciation, the constriction was reversed and the codes were switched back on.

This experiment was later followed up by testing HIV-positive patients. In these patients, feelings of love and gratitude generated 300,000 times the immune response than without those feelings. Apparently, one’s emotional state weighs in mightily when it comes to resistance.

Read  more about this HERE

The Rice Experiment

Our Healing Hands of Intention

Energetic healing is facilitated by understanding how incredibly powerful thoughts are.  Here is a practical experiment which I did and anyone can do.

This simple experiment will convince you that thoughts focused through your vectored intention produce clearly manifested results.   It will make you more careful about which thoughts you allow to pass through your mind because you will have no doubt that all your thoughts have consequences in physical manifestation.

The ancients knew this and it is written in the Bible and countless other spiritual works:  “as a man thinks in his heart—-so is he.”

Doing this simple experiment will give you an entirely  new perspective and strengthen your belief system—-and it will thus bring confidence to your prayer and your heart’s intention as an effective helper of humanity.

Hado creates words Words are the vibrations of nature.  Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature.  Ugly words create ugly nature.  This is the root of the universe.





The time has now arrived for us to begin an entirely New Paradigm here and now. Let us discover the power within each of us to become the careGIVERS of our Mother Earth. This is our destiny.   It is why we are here.  We are rapidly approaching the most auspicious moment in the history of our Mother Earth.   That is the reason why the souls of several billion human beings have clamoured to incarnate here during this unprecedented shift of the ages.

The indigenous Native Americans have already heard this call for a very long time. It is at the very core of their culture. Ignorant and malicious genocide has been committed against them—-and yet—-still their ancient wisdom endures. This is because it  taps the Universal Truth. They have kept it alive—-maintained it and not forgotten. It is the same with indigenous peoples all over our world.

The confusion, imbalance, dysfunction, disconnection and ignorant self-destruction of our civilization needs healing.  This is our duty and priviledge.

Let us now proceed forward together into a long needed revised way of thinking about everything. A way of thinking that finally recognizes the God-given rights of all. Let us sleep no more but awaken to the fact of our total interconnectivity with one another and with all beings.



It is very important that you pay very close attention to the rice experiment. This experiment was originally done by Masaru Emoto in Japan—-but since then—-people all over the world have been doing it on their own—-and with the same results.

Do this simple experiment for yourself. It will change and greatly validate and solidify your belief system concerning how the Universe works and it will clearly inform you as to the tremendous power of the thoughts which you allow to pass through your mind. There will no longer be any shadow of a doubt that your thoughts and words have great healing power.

You will begin to pay attention to the thoughts which you allow to go through your mind and will more carefully consider the words which you speak from your lips. It will transform you personally and you will begin to resonate with the millions of people all over our Mother Earth who have now begun to understand the awesome power which resides at the very core of each human being which is the living potential to  create an entirely New Paradigm of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Seeing someone else do this experiment is wonderful—-but doing it yourself will fully convince you. This is necessary to fully re-empower you.

Yes, it flies directly in the face of the old self-destructive scientific paradigm which this present earth civilization has been living for hundreds of years.

I began the rice experiment on July 27th, 2010. I cooked white rice and put the rice in three jars which I then sealed. One of the jars was labeled with a white piece of paper upon which I wrote “You Fool!” Another one was labeled “Thank you, I love you.”

The third jar was left unlabeled as a control.

I placed the two labeled jars on my kitchen cabinet about eight feet apart. The unlabeled control jar was placed next to the window between the two labeled ones. I was the only one participating in the experiment. Each day would I angrily say “You Fool!” to the jar so labeled while putting all my anger and disdain into it. To the jar of rice labeled “Thank you, I love you” I said “thank you, I love you” out loud while pouring my love and appreciation into that jar of rice. I did nothing with the “control” jar.

I started doing this every day only once a day on July 27th. By July 30th (only four days)the jar labeled “You Fool” already had a black spot (or very dark green) in the center on the surface of the rice in the jar. The jar labeled “thank you, I love you” was still bright white. The control jar was already turning very slightly yellow but had no black spots and only a few spots of brown discoloration.

Now, today, August 4th, 2010, the black spot in the jar labeled “You Fool!” has greatly spread, especially from the top where I first noticed the black spot forming. A few dark green spots are forming in various spots throughout the jar.

The jar labeled “Thank you, I love you” has a few discolored spots turning slightly brown. Down on the side are a few green spots but not the dark green of the “You Fool!” jar.

The jar labeled “control” has a few black spots starting on top, some brown discoloration and some green spots on the side.

This is in only a few days of ONE PERSON directing different kinds of energy at the two labeled jars. From the experiments of others, where more people are involved, the results are even more extreme. The more individuals involved putting their energies into the jars, the greater the results. I will continue this experiment until the month is up and report on the final outcome. The results in only a few days inspire me to continue doing this experiment over and over again in different ways and, of course, to get more people directly involved.

[UPDATE AUGUST 31, 2010]

Well, its been over a month. Here is are my results:

Although the container marked “Thank you, I love you” is deteriorating it is nothing compared to the one marked “You Fool!” which has streaks of dark green running through it.

In my next experiment I will use larger jars which are easy to photograph. My friend Corey St. Pierre, who has a language school in Osaka Japan, has done this experiment twice using a large class of students who engage the containers every day. His results were more striking than mine. I only engaged the two containers once a day. Only one person. The more people, the better the results. Yep, group prayer is collective energy and one plus one equals MORE than two. Also, Corey St. Pierre puts WATER into his jars. I did not do so in my experiment starting July 27th.

The WATER will improve the results because, as Dr. Emoto has proved many times, the words and intentional interface causes the water to reconfigure according to the external influences. That, of course, effects the rice accordingly.

We have all been well trained that this creative use of our minds is “impossible.” It is not surprising that the principle of Hado is ridiculed by some of the main-stream scientific paradigm. This is because of their long  inculcation into the materialist/realist/reductionist paradigm which for many centuries they have called their “standard model.”

It is at best totally incomplete.   At worst it is a complete fraud.

I ask you, what is the ultimate factor which  this “main-stream” scientific paradigm has actually produced?

What has been the outcome of several centuries of scientific materialism that almost totally ignores spirit and human consciousness?

What is the fruit of this philosophy?  Just look carefully around you.

The fruit of this falsely so-called “science” is quite obvious. It is thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction—-deadly toxins of all varieties—-and—-oceans full of black death! It has produced brutal war and ever increasingly devastating weapons of all kinds.  It is a greedy, selfish and totally insane criminal racket—-a business run by blood sucking vampires. 

It brings nothing but fear, horror and  despair to much of our world.

In our beloved America psychotic thugs and tyrants have been  fully in control.  We  have had a Military/Industrial Criminal Complex, a Governmental Criminal Complex, a Financial Criminal Complex, a Medical/Pharmaceutical Criminal Complex, continual war, all forms of terrorism, including massive State Terrorism, genocide, poverty, murder,  brutal rape, mental disease, unspeakable sadistic perversions and totally confused mindlessness in general.

Many have actually come to falsely believe that human beings cannot live any other way.

This is complete delusion fueled continually by a huge and very sophisticated and meticulously engineered mind–control propaganda machine called “media.”

Many have become falsely convinced that we individual human beings are totally disempowered.  A manufactured victim/abuser mentality now screams 24/7 attempting to intrusively monopolize and roboticize the entire world by stomping out all creative thinking and the sharing thereof.   This agenda has completely failed.

This long bid to promote human slavery through megalomaniac totalitarianism has utterly failed and has actually worked in the opposite direction having become the final catalyst to open up peoples eyes to a far far better way—-peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

This World War Three has already been raging in the hearts, minds and souls of all human beings on earth for a very long time.   The result?

It is now over.   FINISHED.  Only the mopping up operation remains.

This “us” and “them” mindless war of attrition with ourselves has almost completely blinded us to all reality.

Fear replaced Love, Hatred replaced Forgiveness, Selfishness replaced Service-to-Others and Money replaced Almighty God.   This was a sure formula for total self-annihilation and the accelerating downward spiral toward it.  But—-the people of our planet have strongly voted with their energetic hearts.   It was a vote for peace and prosperity for all.  It was a vote to end squallor and poverty.  It was a vote for an end to war and an end to violence and force—-an  end to genocide—-and an end to mindless vandalism of our soil, food, water and air.  

Why?   Why did the people of planet earth put forth this intent?   Because they sincerely wish to leave a good inheritance of hope and fulfillment to their children.   And so be it.

There is a Great Law throughout the Universe in the frequencies and dimensions of Time and Space, it is the Immutable Law of Cause and Effect.

Know ye not o man that ye shall reap the consequences of thine own actions?

You already create your own reality. Putting forth your forefinger, while speaking vanity, does not alter the eternal flow of the Great Creation. It never has and never will.

At the Prime Core of the Universe is a basic intention–to evolve, grow, exapand and uplift all Life. It is written in the Stars and upon our Mother Earth beneath our feet. When we harmonize with it, we resonate with it and joyously partake of the Universal Energetics of the Prime Source.

Fighting it is totally counterproductive, to say the least. And doing so is sheer ignorance. Peace and Unconditional (unselfish) Love is far better than anxiety and fear.

Jesus the Christ once said, “judge the tree by the fruit it bears.” How about it?

Much of modern “science,” and the belief system which surrounds it, has brought us into a highly destructive and false paradigm. It was a created thought meme of self-destruction. In its presumed “authority,” it has promoted a huge hoax about what is possible and what is not possible.

This has greatly disempowered many  because we foolishly allowed people with impressive initials after their names to do our thinking for us.   We trusted the untrustworthy.

It is now high time for us to take up our own personal responsibility and think for ourselves—-and that is exactly what is happening.

Buying into this huge hoax has greatly disabled our belief system and surrounded it with a stifling box of weakness and limitation. This is only “good” for those selfish despots, slave-masters and tyrants who wish to exercise total control over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children. The result has been physical, mental and spiritual slavery. And furthermore, it has totally distracted us from the very purpose for which we human beings incarnated here upon our Mother Earth.   This plunge into forgetfulness—-this dampening of our conscious awareness was voluntary on our part.  We are not victims and never have been.  We are cosmic adventurers. 

It was a Great Seeking—-an experiment that started out with an unsure outcome.   However—-this long project has now come to its final end and the long veil of amnesia on this planet is rapidly being lifted.

And what is the purpose of this enterprize?

It is for us to become our Mother Earth’s careGIVERS—-and to bring compassion to all beings with a very finely honed and passionate understanding and profound appreciation. It has all been to better carry out with full recognition  the Eternal Universal Values of Love, Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding and the true courageous Valor of the energized human heart which inwardly knows and recognizes the Truth that sets men and women free. It is the Truth of how the entire Universe and the Great Creation actually functions and operates—-along with the great revelation of its innermost intention.

But now—-the time has come for us to align our individual personal intentions harmoniously. The result can only be happiness and the alleviation of the needless sufferings all around us as we joyously become the healers and guardians of this beautiful world.

Understanding our inner being–and our infinite reservoir of inner power–is the way we will become the effective careGIVERS of Mother Earth and all her children.

In the midst of war, greed, criminality, confusion and total dysfunction a unique revelation is now taking place. It is an AHA that will transform us from the core of our being and spread outwards. There has never been a time in all of history more ripe, necessary and pertinent (and pregnant) than this present creative moment.

Let us now begin. 

What do you desire?  Infinite energy and Intelligence is now becoming available to you.   You have only one responsibility—-thrive and assist every being in your environment to also thrive.